My Top 3 Online Fitness Inspirations

There are so many platforms online to share your lives – personally I enjoy watching youtube and I’m a big fan of a lot of fitness ‘youtubers’. These are my top 3!


1. C A R L Y   R O W E N A 

Words cannot describe the love I have for this lady! I always look forward to her videos, which are consistently brilliant, and she is such a beautiful and hilarious person. I love her honesty and her advice, she seems very down to earth as well as she usually replies to everyone on twitter or instagram. I’ve gotten a few replies which is nice as I’d consider her a ‘famous’ youtuber. She posts videos like: ‘How To Reach Your Goals And Stay Motivated’, ‘How To Warm Up, Stretch And Foam Roll’ and ‘Different Ways To Keep Fit’ as well as her gym routines, short workout routines, healthy eating ideas and she’s recently started weekly vlogging after we all loved it so damn much after vlogmas. I specifically love her ‘What I Eat’ videos and I love to see her in her vlogs (and on snapchat) eating not so healthy food too! It shows she is a real person and doesn’t hide the ‘not so healthy’ part of life (which is normal and actually healthier than restricting yourself from treats!). It makes her relatable and isn’t giving influential viewers a warped image of her life. If you’ve never watched her before I highly recommend it. She’s got a gorgeous bod that you know she’s worked hard for, I think the way she portrays herself and her life is all about the progression and journey rather than just magically having a brilliant, healthy, strong body. I bloody love her!

(Everyone’s links to their social media will be at the end!)

2. T H E   L E A N   M A C H I N E S  

Following on from Carly is her other half and his best friend – John and Leon. They’re known as The Lean Machines and even though when I first started watching them (3 years ago!) I felt that maybe their videos were more directed at male viewers I’ve stuck with them and I’ve found I’ve actually learnt a lot from them. Leon’s energy is infectious, they’re both fantastic guys with a great sense of humour and great approach to sharing their fitness knowledge. They’re extremely inspiring with videos like: ‘Increase Strength With These Body Weight Progressions’ and ‘The Best Kept Secrets In Fitness’ along with videos to expand your knowledge and understanding of the body like: ‘Carbs Or Fat: Which Is Better For You?’. I like the fact that there are videos about mental health as well, they’ve covered anxiety, body dysmorphia etc. I think they’re just really great, funny, talented guys! Definitely worth a watch.

3. F I T N E S S   B L E N D E R 

The Fitness Blender channel is my go to when I need new ideas or if I’m lacking motivation to work out. They have hundreds and hundreds of workout videos for every muscle group with a variety of different types and lengths. I enjoy the videos where they answer questions as well or show you what they’ve eaten. They have programmes you can buy (I’ve never done this) but there is so much content on there that you can get for free and make your own programmes from. Again, they’re honest and real and I loved Kelli’s recent video ‘Cardio & Dieting VS Fitness Blender & Clean Eating’. Even more so, I love that they’re husband and wife – power couple or what!?

It’s so important to have healthy, honest role models and I think these guys fit the bill. They’re all extremely motivating and have awesome content. I’m always up for finding more fitness youtubers, especially women – let me know of any you love and watch religiously!

Thanks for reading!

Here are all their links:

CARLY: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Blog

THELEANMACHINES: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Blog

FITNESSBLENDER: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Site



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